Better Fashion Week Luck Next Year

San Diego State University student Veronica Garcia is garnering major attention with her fashion blog Sunday Threds.

It’s a big deal for a new fashion blogger to be showcased on Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click network. It’s an equally big deal for that same fashion blogger to get summoned to New York Fashion Week.

But as San Diego State University marketing junior and Sunday Threds owner-operator Veronica Garcia (pictured) explained to a reporter for her student newspaper The Daily Aztec, it just wasn’t meant to be at the one-year anniversary stage of her blogging efforts. Each Sunday, Garcia posts thoughts and photos about a chosen outfit:

“A designer emailed me asking if I wanted to go to New York Fashion Week, which is invite-only,” Garcia said. “I was so excited and agreed to go — money or school was not going to be an issue. But then I realized I couldn’t.”

Garcia realized that during NYFW she had two exams for class and was not going to sacrifice her education, even though an opportunity like this only comes around every so often. However, Garcia is using this disappoint as motivation to attend NYFW in the future, maybe as soon as next year.

We have little doubt Garcia will figure out a way to juggle school and invites in a way that changes the outcome next year. Hopefully, she can visit New York with her sister, who also doubles as Sunday Threds’ main photographer.
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