Teen Vogue Launches Native Ad Play With Instagrammers

Social followers to promote advertisers' fashions

With more than 625,000 followers, Teen Vogue is one of the biggest magazine brands on Instagram (among fashion magazines, second only to big sister Vogue). Now the magazine is enlisting that social following to capitalize on the native advertising trend.

A new Instagram influencer network, called the Teen Vogue Instalist, is made up of 10 Instagrammers selected by Teen Vogue’s editorial team. They range from up-and-comers to well-established bloggers like 14-year-old Amanda Steele (aka @makeupbymandy24), with nearly 500,000 followers. Combined, the Instalist reaches 1.6 million Instagram users.

Like Condé Nast sibling pubs Lucky and Details have done with their own bloggers, Teen Vogue will have the Instalist members take part in a variety of native advertising campaigns. For a live Instagram "fashion show” from Feb. 19 to 21, the Instagrammers will wear items from Teen Vogue advertisers like 7 For All Mankind, DKNY and Sperry Top-Sider. Teen Vogue will post photos from the show in its Instagram feed. Sponsorship deals will also include print and/or digital ad components.

“We have this young, influential, highly social audience, so we wanted to figure out a way to leverage that following across all of our platforms,” said Jason Wagenheim, vp, publisher of Teen Vogue. “We decided to hone in on Instagram because that’s where we’ve seen the most rapid growth."

The Instagrammers won’t be paid for their involvement, but they'll get “lots of promotion” on Instagram and in the magazine's March issue, said Wagenheim said. Throughout the summer, he added, the bloggers will also be able to host events and produce custom campaigns for advertisers.

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