Ted Cruz on FNC: ‘I’m Not Going to Worry About Their Attacks’

Just a little ol' convention speech.

Ted Cruz is in the news at Politico and Roll Call.

Ted Cruz was the subject of a Kelly File segment last night in which Megyn Kelly showed clips of Cruz calling Trump a “pathological liar.” The clips, which were from May, took on a renewed relevancy when Cruz confirmed yesterday he was going to speak at the Republican National Convention.

“Ted Cruz, who the last day of the primary came out an just annihilated Trump saying, ‘I’m going to tell you what I really think of him,’ and then just spewed the most hateful, vile things he could think of, and now we’re just supposed to listen to him speak at the convention like he’s some credible witness for Trump’s presidency?” Kelly asked guest Charles Krauthammer.

The segment was perfectly timed for Glenn Beck, who had the opportunity to ask his guest, Ted Cruz himself, to respond today when Cruz appeared on The Glenn Beck Program.

Megyn Kelly last night,” said Beck, “she spent a good ten minutes mocking you, ridiculing you, saying you’re a hypocrite, how could you possibly, by accepting this slot at the convention, you’re clearly going to give some endorsement. Just showing up you’re giving an endorsement, and then she played what you said on the last day of campaign. How are you going to possibly look at the people with a straight face after you’ve said that?”

“Do you want to answer to what she said last night?” Beck asked Cruz.

Cruz brushed it off, adding some stealth criticism of Fox News Channel in the process. “I didn’t watch what she said and if I got dismayed every time somebody on Fox News attacked me–you know what, life it too short to worry about–that is an institution that is, it can express its own corporate opinions and it has done so at great volume in the course of the primaries, and I’m not going to worry about, I’m not going to worry about their attacks,” he said. “Our country is in an extremely challenging position right now and there are a lot of people who played an active role in putting us in this position.”

Cruz described Kelly’s line of criticism as “really silly,” painting his conversation with a man whom Cruz seemed to have issues with on a level that went beyond the necessary tactics of primary battle as “quite straightforward.”

“Donald asked me if I would speak at the Republican convention. I said I’d be happy to and we had no discussion whatsoever of any endorsement,” he said.

“I do not believe it is the responsible choice for conservatives to shy away from defending the principles we believe in, from talking about who America is and how we get on a better path and that’s what I’m going to do at the convention and if it is the case that Megyn Kelly or anyone else decides that’s a reason to attack me because I’m willing to actually speak to Republicans at our national convention, then that is a curious position,” he said.