TBD Tries to Raise the Bar With Tricycle Exposé, Ought to Take a Lesson From WCP

What would you rather read about? Adult tricycles or racy pictures in Washington restaurants? At left, the tricycle, at right a photograph by Washington City Paper’s Darrow Montgomery.

Both TBD.com and WCP‘s websites ran photo slideshows in their top stories Thursday. Or rather, TBD‘s top story was, as usual, a slideshow and WCP ran a lengthy, in-depth article accompanied by a slide show.

The bigger difference is WCP‘s photos featured bizarre, raunchy sex art used in swanky D.C. restaurant bathrooms. TBD‘s were of middle-aged people (many with spare tires) riding a new adult tricycle designed to compete with the Segway.

Following a swath of layoffs at TBD earlier this year, it’s clear that Robert Allbritton has cleared the decks and TBD is aiming to become a serious competitor in local news, as exemplified by the tricycle slide show.

When it comes to news art, overweight men puttering around awkwardly on stand-up tricycles just isn’t that interesting. Now, naked torsos in Washington restaurants? Much preferred.

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