TBD Continues Up Front Correction Policy

The TBD story by Kevin Robillard is about a controversial bar — not a turtle. “The short, brilliant life of the Thirsty Turtle,” the alluring tweet from TBD‘s Sommer Mathis reads.  The bar frequented by University of Maryland students recently closed the night after a stabbing.

Continuing with its bold correction policy, atop the story in bright red, is a correction, a whopping one at that: An earlier version of this story misidentified the man charged in relation to the stabbing. He is Leonardo Alonso Ramos. TBD apologizes for the error.

Greatest line: “I got 2 hook ups in the same night at turtle my first time ever going there…and then they were my first 2 of many random hook ups there…i will miss you turtle.”

Why the bar closed (apart from the stabbing)…

The joint closed because of its “rollicking” nature and for serving underage customers. Robillard writes, “The students who loved Turtle went there to fulfill their God-given right as college students — to get irresponsibly drunk and make the types of poor decisions irresponsibly drunk people make. Via cheap drinks and an anything-goes vibe, Turtle served up the fun, stupid part of the college experience. The objective behind a visit to Turtle was to get drunk, laid, or both. Providing a place to do that was the essence of Turtle’s appeal.”

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