Taylor Swift Falls for Instagram’s 60-Second Ad Format in Amusing Apple Music Spot

The Drake-induced faceplant already has millions of views

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In a new spot for Apple Music, Taylor Swift doesn't have a problem making a fool of herself in the best way possible, while running on a treadmill listening to Drake and Future. And while the results look painful, the viral success is paying off. 

It should be easy for Swift to shake it off—the 60-second spot, which ran on Instagram and Facebook, was created by Apple's in-house creative team, and has already racked up 3.8 million views on Instagram, along with another 6.3 million on Facebook. 

The minute format is new for Instagram, which on Tuesday opened up the option for users more than a month after making it available for advertisers. That's one way to fill a blank space.

While there has been some bad blood between Swift and other streaming music services like Spotify, the pop star is helping make sure Apple will never go out of style. (Remember when you thought she'd take a loss?)

With a promotion for three months for free, Apple is making it easier to stream music when it's 2 a.m. in your car. Or at least, it wishes you would.


Based on true events. #TAYLORvsTREADMILL @applemusic @champagnepapi @future

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