Target’s Golden Globes Ads: Hip or Misogynistic?

Today we came across a post on the AdRants blog that poses an intriguing question: Was Target‘s most recent “Everyday Collection” ad campaign–which ran during the top-rated Golden Globes broadcast–a hip appeal to modern women or a condescending, retrograde series relying on outdated “gender roles” to remind the ladies of all the things they should do and the things they can’t do?

While we must commend whoever chose the music for these spots, we think it’s a legitimate question. Here’s what we take from the six clips:

Women have trouble climbing ladders (physically and metaphorically) and screwing in light bulbs:

Women have trouble opening things (and must take prenatal multivitamins, lest they get all crazy on us men):

There’s something explicitly sexual about baking (“dominate that bake sale”?):

There’s also something explicitly sexual about laundry (which is one of the most important things women do, of course):

Meat equals sexual power (again with the sex stuff? And what’s with the sensual narration?):

We don’t even know what to say about this one:

What do we think: Is this the right message Target should be sending its female audience? Are the spots on-brand? If so, what does that say about the company itself?

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