Target Launches Special Edition ‘Go International’ with Big Campaign and Apparently Lots of Supply

As we told you about way, way back in October, retail giant Target‘s five year birthday celebration of the launch of their we-hired-famous-designers collection, “Go International,” finally kicked off this weekend. The special release brought back 17 of their previous guest designers, including heavy hitters like Zac Posen, Tara Jarmon, Tracy Feith, and Jonathan Saunders. Along with it came this flashy, eye-menacingly colorful commercial now in heavy rotation and even a star-studded launch at the ACE Hotel in New York that brought out the likes of Liv Tyler and fashion party regular, Chloe Sevigny. However, unlike previous releases by these high-profile designers, it looks as though Target didn’t go the “you’ll have to wait in line all night and throw a few elbows to get one” route, with most, if not all of the collections still available, even online. That, of course, begs some important questions: does making this limited-edition release more accessible to everyone lessen its appeal? Is an incredibly discounted Thakoon worth as much when everyone can both find it readily available and afford to buy it? We’ll let time be the judge.