Target Fights Cereal Killers

archer farms cereal.jpg

Many a box of Cap’n Crunch‘s Crunchberries has been ruined by some careless soul (usually one’s brother) forgetting to scrunch down the inner plastic bag before closing the outer cardboard box. What good are artifically-flavored sweetened corn and oat biscuits when they’ve been robbed of their crunch? Fear not, cereal lovers, Target is on the case. Now headed to Target stores everywhere are new cereal canisters (pictured at right) containing the store’s private label “Archer Farms” cereal. Flouting the bag-in-box paradigm, the new packaging features:

…a reclosable easy-flow spout and snap-shut lid that allow for simple pouring and snacking….ensur[ing] that cereal stays fresher longer, while eliminating stale or unused cereal. Oblong shaped and partially constructed from recycled paperboard, the cereal canister offers a slim design–10 inches tall by two and one and a half inches deep–that requires minimal kitchen cabinet space.

But be honest, even if it promised eternal freshness, would you really choose Target’s “Blueberry Flax” flavor over Cap’n Crunch’s “Treasure Hunt” variety? And did we mention that the Cap’n’s is filled with “treasure hunt shapes that turn milk ocean blue”? Talk about a design innovation.