Tareq Salahi Mugs for the Cameras

Roll Call HOH’s Warren Rojas has all the gory details from a weekend event at Tareq Salahi‘s home in Front Royal, Va. Let’s just say Tareq, who is running for governor of Virginia, isn’t shy about press. They lay out his me-wall, complete with a letter from former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright. “It was a pleasure to you see you at Cafe Milano, one of my favorite hangouts,” she wrote him in a handwritten note. There’s also the picture of him with BFF Prince Charles.

See the story, complete with lots of pictures of the self-obsessed gubernatorial candidate.

UPDATE: We asked Rojas if Tareq made himself available to media who attended his shindig. He replied, “Other than making everyone wait while he wrapped with the ‘In It to Win It’ crew (the planned documentary about his bid for the governorship), Salahi was fairly accessible. He made his way through the crowd at least once before his introductory speech, pausing to speak with me and a local reporter who quizzed Salahi for a good 10-15 minutes. Salahi was totally pleasant and engaging, even if his answers were devoid of specific policies [or] concrete proposals. “