Tapper’s Twitter Triggers Attention

Jake Tapper is no stranger to controversy. The ABC News WH correspondent is known for his aggressive approach to journalism and for famously butting heads with WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. But today, it’s a “tweet” that is fueling the fire. TWT reports that on Tuesday, Tapper tweeted:

“Lovely pix of the Obamas. Very much the Camelot Huxtables. Btwn this + yesterday’s Easter Egg roll, I’m going into diabetic shock.”

Though some are offended by the “Cosby Show” comparison, the tweet in question has triggered the formation of a high-profile team; including CNN’s Donna Brazile to jump to the rising star’s defense. From TWT:

Defenders of Mr. Tapper – and, believe us, he is able to mobilize a few on short notice – were quick to dismiss the idea that the reporter had any intention of racially stereotyping the first family.

Check out The Washington Times for the full scoop.