Tapjoy sees ad revenue spike nearly 50 percent during holidays

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Tapjoy logoMobile advertising and publishing platform Tapjoy today revealed data it gathered during Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, showing that ad revenue grew by as much as 54 percent. This demonstrates an opportunity for developers to generate more revenue during holidays.

Compared to the seven-day average for app revenue, developers saw ad revenue increase 54 percent for Christmas, 44 percent for the Chinese New Year and 34 percent for Valentine’s Day. “Major retail brand” advertisers that ran Valentine’s Day-themed ads on Tapjoy’s network on iOS and Android experienced an increase in its click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate around Valentine’s Day. Other companies like Google, witnessed a spike in ad clicks around particular holidays, where the company saw ad clicks on smartphones jump 61 percent during Black Friday last year and by more than 100 percent on tablets.

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In the U.S. between the iOS and Android platforms, conversion rates on Android were generally higher than that of iOS. Both of the platforms saw its conversion rates fall after Feb. 10, most likely due to consumers having already completed their Valentine’s Day shopping by then. The CTR was also higher on Android, though the CTR for iOS spiked significantly in the first week of February.

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