Tammy’s Brunch

You couldn’t miss the brunch hosted by Tammy Haddad and friends Saturday. Under a beautiful blue sky, the valet parking backed up more than a block as people crowded to the event in their best festive garden party attire–it was a more Volvo than BMW crowd.

That was Joe Wilson in Hawaiian shirt and sandals; Chuck Todd in a Cuban shirt and linen pants; Roxanne Roberts in a Las Vegas t-shirt; Bob Shrum holding court at the dining table; Ed Henry sans Blackberry; Tucker Carlson sans bow tie (and sporting some hair so wild it’s bordering on a mullet); and Annie Groer with a fancy-schmany and totally impratically large purse.

As waiters worked overtime filling cocktails and Haddad, along with the other hosts and hostesses–Barbara Comstock, Russ Hodge, Hilary Rosen, Elizabeth Birch, Alex Castellanos, and David Adler flitted about the crowd. Chris Matthews, in a Boston Red Sox hat, wandered around under the big white tent, and David Gregory bench-pressed his young son over his head. With Haddad’s Hollywood ties, there was much talk of Tinseltown, along with the usual Washington topics and eager prom anticipation. The well-groomed backyard as packed befitting an event that promised “All the News that Fits.”

Spottings: From Hollywood, Morgan Fairchild, Joey Pants, and Maura Tierney. From Washington, Joe Trippi, Doug Hataway, Grover Norquist, Debbie Dingell, Jay Carson, and Christopher Buckley. From the Fourth Estate, Jake Tapper, David Schuster, Joe Scarborough, Jess Yellin, Bob Franken, Byron York, Dana Bash, and John Fox Sullivan.