Talks to Sell Men’s Fitness Break Down

Bonnier and AMI couldn't agree on a price.

Bonnier Corp. is going to hold off on those six pack abs. According to The New York Post, the talks between Bonnier and AMI over the purchase of Men’s Fitness have collapsed. It seems neither side can agree just how much a great pair of lats is worth.

The rumor was that AMI wanted at least $30 million for the men’s mag. Bonnier considered that a bit too steep. “I gave David [Pecker, CEO of AMI] a call this morning and said we’re not going to pursue it,” Bonnier Publications CEO David Freygang told the Post.

AMI, for its part, wants everyone to know that Men’s Fitness is indeed worth a large sum. “We are happy to report that Men’s Fitness continues to build on its extraordinary momentum, growing significantly on newsstand, in advertising revenue and market share, and continues to set online traffic records, which has resulted in an enormous amount of interest,” stated a spokesperson.

Hey, if you say so.