Talking to Bill Moggridge Before His Cooper-Hewitt Take Over


As we told you back in early January, IDEO founder and design legend Bill Moggridge landed the job to take over as director at the Cooper-Hewitt. Now that we’re on the heels of that finally happening, with his ascension to the throne occurring sometime later this month. But before the takeover, Moggridge sat down with Architectural Record to answer a few questions about what he’s planning to bring to the museum and how he sees it operating under his command. From his few short replies, it sounds like there’s a promising new future ahead for the museum, as he pushes it to spread its message and influence. Here’s a bit:

WH: What appealed to you about the Cooper-Hewitt directorship?

BM: The Cooper-Hewitt is the only national [non-specialized] design organization. If you look at other countries, they have design councils, design business associations, and design research institutes, as well as design museums. The opportunity to make the Cooper-Hewitt much more of a national organization — something that could serve as an umbrella connecting the AIGA and the AIA and so on — is very exciting.