Talk Less, Say More

The complex rules of Twitter cannot seem to contain Bret Baier of Fox News. By now, we all know the drill: 140 characters to say your piece. This becomes a bigger problem when you try and quote or retweet something from someone else. We admire Baier’s undying commitment to reply or retweet to many of his followers who tweet him directly. But keeping it tight and bright isn’t really his strongest asset. Even among his fans he’s known for retweeting and adding comments that extend the tweet beyond the 140 characters that Twitter allows. This forces followers to click through to a secondary link to read the comments in their entirety. Which, understandably, pisses them off. Baier owned up to it over the weekend and admitted that he would do better in this tweet to his loyal fan, @JalbyMD.


Thanks to the good work of @JalbyMD, Twitter is saved from the horrible fate of Baier tweets that break the 140 character limit. And if this weekend is any indication, he’s taken the advice to heart. Just look at how brief he kept this interaction: