Taking Out The Trash (Early), 05.17.06

Stuff you need to know and read:

  • Ratings Give CBS News a Sign of Hope

  • Libby Judge Is Allowed To View Reporters’ Notes

  • FOX News is none to pleased with Tim Russert’s interview in the most recent New York Times Magazine, in which Russert was asked by Deborah Solomon if FOX News will “be getting better treatment than NBC” now that Tony Snow is the WH press secretary. Russert answered, “I don’t think so. No more than they got so far.”

    A FOX spokesperson wrote in to us to respond:

      Tim’s sour grapes are obvious here, but at least he’s not using his father as a prop to sell books this time around. That said, we wish him well on his latest self-promotion tour.

  • Join Len Downie, Jr. in a washingtonpost.com online chat.

  • Richard Stengel named managing editor of Time.