Taking Out the Trash

What we almost missed today…

Katty Kay blogs about her “girl pet peeves” at The Daily Beast. “Any hope that Obama’s White House might curb Washington’s boy’s club traditions? Forget it. His press secretary is the worst offender… It is an unwritten rule that at some point in the conversations that take place in those vestibules to power, the discussion will turn from brains to balls. At which point, the women in the room will fall silent.”

Looking for a cheerier place to work? Some advice on Washingtonian’s Capitol Comment blog… Upon hearing the news that former WaPo journo Michael Abramowitz joined the staff at the Holocaust Museum, one reporter said, “Things are so bad at the Post, the Holocaust Museum will be a more cheery place to work.”

ABC’s Sam Donaldson (set to retire shortly) thinks the press corps went easy on President Obama at his first press conference. He tells Newsmax, “Now there was one question I wanted to ask… And that is something to the effect that, ‘Mr. President, you told us last week, you know, you said you screwed up on some of these things, because you didn’t have one rule. Now you have one rule that will apply to everyone,’ we’re talking about taxes, right? ‘so what do you have to say about Treasury Secretary Geithner? Are you going to ask for his resignation?’ Well, of course he would say no.”