Taking Out The Trash, 12.19.06

  • You were overwhelmingly unimpressed with, well, you.

  • The Extreme-ness made us giggle with this one.

  • Does John McCain hate blogs?

  • A reader tips us off on the White House party dress code: “RE: the naked-back lady at the WH party…. I was actually surprised by the number of overdressed women there (or maybe the word is underdressed) — a lot of women who dressed as if they thought they were going to the Oscars instead of a 4 p.m. open house. The invitation said something vague like ‘business attire for men, holiday festive for women.’ Still, they shoulda known better.”

  • A new media offensive for Romney? National Review’s Jonathan Martin tells us that Mitt Romney attended a “friendraisier” Sunday night where he “rubbed elbows” with around 50 other Republicans,” including “two bloggers and a conservative radio talk show host. This comes on the heels of Romney’s attempts to push back on the recent revelations about his past stances on abortion and gay rights via us at NRO and FOX News.”

  • Tony Snow is spreading the love to Helen Thomas today. Jealous David?

  • Byron Calame takes a look at some of the finer reader comments the NYT has to offer.

  • C-SPAN’s interview series “Q & A” with Brian Lamb re-runs some of their top interviews all week at 7 p.m. Click here for the schedule.