Taking Out The Trash, 12.13.06

  • National Journal was the place to be on Friday night. Who needs to pay for drinks when you can get them for free?!

  • DCRTV reports that NBC is upgrading “Channel 4’s news studios to high-def. Network-owned WRC plans to unveil its HD news look by the end of the year.”

  • Anything you ever wanted to know about Capitol Leader’s political editor David Mark, complete with pictures!

  • Apparently, we did miss a City Paper blow out. From a tipster: “The City Paper party was fantastic! It was at Chloe, with plenty of food and drink and great music. All the City Paper clan were there: Wemple, DeBonis, Morelewicz (sp?) and they were all gracious hosts. It was a blast! Long live the City Paper! They rock.”

  • A tipster writes in about the point made with regards to Senior Hill Position Classified ads — “It is simply false. A quick look at Roll Call’s classified ads this week when compared to The Hill’s will show you that The Hill ALONE, not combined with any other paper, is in the running with Roll Call step for step. If Classifieds is such a ‘true measure,’ Roll Call might do well to check out the 6 pages of ads in The Hill today…”