Taking Out The Trash, 09.05.06

  • There is no love for Katie tonight. Well, ok, not a lot of love anyway.

  • TVNewser tells us that “MSNBC is launching its midterm election coverage with ‘Decision 2006: Battleground America’ all day Wednesday.” According to the release, “MSNBC will profile the battleground races across the country, including interviews with numerous incumbents, challengers, and political experts.”

  • From a release:


    But will they cuddle?

  • Note the story in today’s Express on page 33 entitled “Great Lake cruises bring scenery, luxury inland to industry.” A reader points out that it sounded vaguely familiar. You may have read it on page 34 in the August 23 edition under the title “The Great Lakes are a choice destination thanks to boat tours.”

  • Wonkette writes in to us, in response to this post, to tell us: “Let your fishbowl readers know that no, i do not know the difference between a newspaper and a website.”

  • From today’s pool report, courtesy of Washington Examiner’s Bill Sammon.

      President Bush took no questions after he and the emir of Kuwait made brief statements (see transcript) in the Oval Office. Afterward, CBS pooler Bill Plante asked: “You don’t want to take any questions?” When the president ignored this query, Mr. Plante said: “I guess not.” As the pool was being ushered from the room, Mr. Bush called out: “Pay attention to the speech.” He added: “You can’t fool me, Plante, you old pro. You old wily pro, you.”

  • Harry Jaffe’s got mad respect for Colby King.

  • The former top FBI official known as ‘Deep Throat’ is too ill to travel from California to the District to defend himself against a federal lawsuit filed by the co-author of his 1979 memoir, court records show.”

  • “CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer to Receive Neuharth Award at University of South Dakota, Oct. 5″

  • Ouch. A tipster: “Regarding the Hooker ads and where they’ve gone to? Craigslist! Just like the rest of washignton post’s small space and classified ads.”