Taking Out The Trash, 08.16.06

  • It seems both Tony Kornheiser and Paul Farhi should shut up.

  • Mark Silva says the damn press toilets are clogged.

  • Olive Garden needs a new ad campaign.

  • TVNewser is keeping us up-to-date on the FNCers kidnapped in Gaza. Today, we learn that Olaf Wiig’s wife, Anita McNaught, said “Palestinian authorities told her they were confident they could resolve the situation. ‘But in its own time. Gaza time, not in my time or not in New Zealand time or Fox time.'”

  • According to the AP, the search is being concentrated near the Gaza City. “Palestinian officials said it is unusual for kidnappers not to make any demands for two days. That has made it difficult to trace the abductors, or understand why they kidnapped the journalists, they said.” According to Steve Centanni’s brother Nicholas, FNC negotiators “haven’t heard from the kidnappers.”

  • From Broadcasting & Cable via TVNewser: “Former CNN executive [turned safety consultant] Eason Jordan says that prodding government authorities to act is the most likely avenue for Fox News to secure the journalists’ release… Once authorities identify which group kidnapped Centanni and Wiig, they can bring pressure to bear on the leadership to release the journalists, Jordan says.”

  • WhyIHateDC calls the WaPo intern article “soul crushing journalism” and “incredibly depressing,” outlining why it “should be used as Exhibit A” for why he hates DC.

  • Reuters reports that both Sirus and XM Radio are facing tough times and with stock prices plunging, “some investors calling for a quick fix — namely, that the two companies merge.”

  • Hotline reports that attorney Joe Cotchett has “just been named” to lead Valerie Plame Wilson’s “big lawsuit” against Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby and Karl Rove. San Francisco Chronicle notes that with Cotchett’s “take-no-prisoners approach to lawyering, you can bet this case will be a doozy.”

  • One reader writes in to complain about Jake Tapper’s blog post:

      I think that post is terribly bad taste when one of his Washington colleagues at Fox News is ACTUALLY being held hostage. Any other day it would be funny because who hasn’t had that experience with the airlines, but geez this week? Really? You’re going to go THERE????

  • What passes for acceptable writing on a front page story (emphasis added):

      Her high-rise building has a game room with video games, poker and pool tables and flat-screen TVs, a rooftop deck, a pool and — losing track here — okay, and a big fitness center.

  • Tony Snow made some funny noise at today’s briefing in response “a question following up on Snow’s insistence that President Bush is not frustrated by developments in Iraq. … Realizing he had made a weird noise, Snow said he would eagerly wait to see how it turned up in the official transcript to be issued by the White House.” Wait no more Tony, Window on Washington enlightens us. CQ called the noise a “pouting sound,” while the official transcript called it a “groan.”

  • Cafe 227 offers the Going Out Gurus’ snark as the high point in the WaPo’s otherwise “abysmal lifestyle coverage.”

  • While Tucker is away… Scarborough: “Hey, thanks so much and welcome to the show. I’m Joe Scarborough, filling in for my pal Tucker Carlson, who’s in training for his ‘Dancing With the Stars’ debut. Ooh, a chill just went up and down my spine.”