Taking Out The Trash, 07.26.06

  • 130 nominees for Hottest Media Types. Keep ’em coming with an email to fishbowlDC AT mediabistro DOT com or an anonymous tip.

    Might the Posties represent better than they did last year? And how come some of last year’s strong contenders aren’t even being nominated? Are people tired of their hotness? Is nobody hot at the Washington Times? CQ? New Republic? Slate? National Journal?

    Best endorsement we’ve heard thus far: “If you like his byline, you’ll love his biceps!”

  • Stay Classy, Mike Savage. From MediaMatters:

      Savage: CNN’s Blitzer “would have let children into the gas chamber in order to stay alive an extra day.” Accusing CNN host Wolf Blitzer of being anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish in his coverage of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Michael Savage declared that Blitzer is “the type who would have let children into the gas chamber in order to stay alive an extra day.” Read more

  • Energy Reporters: Head to the 18th Amendment at 6:30 tonight for an off-the-record happy hour.

  • E.J. Dionne is fuzzier than David Brooks.

  • 37,000 pages? Did his eyes fall out?

      MR. RUSSERT: And we are back, talking to Tom Ricks, the Pentagon correspondent for The Washington Post.

      “Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq.” That sounds like a very harsh assessment. Who did you talk to? What documents did you see?

      MR. THOMAS E. RICKS: I talked to over 100 senior military officers and, and soldiers of all ranks, from private to four-star general for the book. I did five reporting trips in Iraq and also talked to a lot of people back here. I read 37,000 pages of documents. Enormous amounts of information are available. And guys at the end of interviews would say, “Here’s a CD-ROM with every e-mail I sent to Paul Bremer when I was out there.” So there’s an amazing amount of information available.

  • Tammy Haddad is now, even more definitely staying here. From TVNewser:

      “A few months” (actually, seven weeks) “after Good Morning America executive producer Ben Sherwood announced he was resigning, ABC has finally found his replacement,” Page Six thinks. “Insiders say Tom Cibrowski, who has toiled at the morning show for ‘a long time’ as a senior producer, is about to be bumped up.” Lloyd Grove apparently has similar sources: He hears that Cibrowski “is the favorite” for the EP job. TVNewser has been hearing Cibrowski’s name a lot lately, but we’ll believe it when it’s announced…”

    (From one of our guest bloggers:)

  • Drown your sorrows, Maryland — if you can. The Post.com is taking votes for its “Best Bets” until Friday. Now, everyone knows that online voting is highly scientific, not that anyone in the highly ethical resteraunt/bar business would ever think of tampering. What could possibly be gained by gaming a high-profile online listing?

    No, the real problem with the process: There’s not a single, Maryland-based bar in the nominees (there are two chains, Rock Bottom Brewery and Glory Days.) Residents and visitors to the Old Line State, we beseech you: What the heck? There are 10 categories with 10 bars in each – according to the site “We collected and counted your nominations, then compiled the top ten places in each category.” You had a 100 chances and not a single bar, watering hole, lounge, tavern or saloon was up to snuff?

  • FAIR and balanced? If you call your organization “Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting,” you might, perhaps, not rush into calling someone a genocidal maniac. And yet, that’s what FAIR has done with the Post’s Richard Cohen, saying that hisTuesday column about the Middle East “reveals a soft spot for ethnic cleansing.” Please, FAIR, stop pussyfooting around and tell us how you really feel.

  • So Sorry. James Wolcott issues an apology to former whipping boy Tucker Carlson:
    (Monday) I poked a little pointless fun at Tucker Carlson anchoring from Cyprus. (Tuesday he hosted) his MSNBC show from Beirut, a gutsy move, and making a lot of sense when talks about the dire possibility that Beirut may degenerate into another Baghdad. No doubt he’ll do something sooner or later (probably sooner) to annoy, but he deserves credit for putting himself in the danger zone and bearing witness to the unfolding horror.