Taking Out The Trash, 07.21.06

  • Comma debate update: just like video killed the radio star, newspapers killed the last comma for space.

  • Good decision to keep ’em separated WaPo.

  • Senators John Kerry and Barack Obama urged the FCC to “address the issues of minority and small business media ownership” before addressing the larger ownership issue in a 7/19 letter.

  • The New York Times likes ‘shit.

  • NewsBusters.org takes issue with a recent WaPo chat conducted by a Syrian writer named Sami Moubayed. “The Posts’ description of the writer is ‘PostGlobal Panelist/Syrian Political Analyst, Journalist and Author.’ Flipping to the writer’s website and reading the ‘About’ section, however, shows that Mr. Moubayed has some conflicts of interest when it comes to covering the Lebanon-Israel conflict.”

  • TNR’s Martin Peretz notes that Tucker Carlson is doing a heckuva job covering the Middle East.

  • “Are you a liberal or a conservative at heart? Do you have a media bias?” If you can’t answer these questions on your own, Market Watch’s Jon Friedman brings us the Great Media Web 2006 Quiz. Thank goodness!

  • Our Big Apple cousin, FishbowlNY, gives us a round-up of the Gawker-Yahoo break up. Gawker Media founder Nick Denton cited poor traffic and also “mentioned Gawker’s ‘peculiarly coastal, geeky and freaky demographic’ as a factor in the fizzling of the deal — a peculiarity that Gawker Media has made recent strides to change.”

  • AP announced that its board of directors elected William Dean Singleton, “vice chairman and CEO of the privately held newspaper publisher MediaNews Group Inc., to be its next chairman.” Singleton becomes vice chairman of the AP immediately and is expected to succeed Burl Osborne, publisher emeritus of The Dallas Morning News, as chairman at the AP’s annual meeting next May.

  • From Broadcasting & Cable:

      The TV industry, cable and broadcast, plan to take the wraps off a new $300 million content-control consumer awareness campaign next week.

      July 27 is now the date when former Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti will brief the Senate Commerce Committee on the campaign, which will launch soon after. A Committee spokesman confirmed the 10 a.m. briefing.

  • Howard Mortman offers us the wonders of the C-SPAN Bookmobile. “You may not know this, but the Book TV Bus, a new 45-foot coach bus outfitted with a state-of-the-art production studio and the latest TV technology and Internet cafe, has visited 36 states, 135 cities and logged nearly 30,000 miles since it headed on the highway looking for adventure whatever comes its way September 2005.”