Taking Out the Trash 07.13.09

What we almost missed today…

You’ve got [fan] mail: Jonas Bros. hit AOL’s company picnic this weekend.

Frustrated Journos Take On Off-the-Record: Paul Bedard’s got the scoop at Washington Whispers.

• Bob Woodward was at the White House today.

It’s a hard knock life: Bloomberg reports that McGraw Hill may be putting Business Week up for adoption.

• While reporting on President Obama and the economy tonight, “Hardball” used this photo of the President’s Senate successor Sen. Roland Burris, instead of Obama himself. Oops.

• Webnewser has this wrap of online media’s coverage of day one of Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings.

• Bob Woodruff’s first report from Iraq was scheduled to air on “World News” tonight, but a severe sandstorm in Kirkuk has interfered with satellite capabilities and producers on the ground are unable to feed material. He’s scheduled to report for tomorrow’s “Good Morning America,” weather permitting.