Taking Out The Trash, 06.29.06

  • The 45th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball game is tonight at RFK. If you have always wondered who looks better in a baseball jersey, John Shimkus or Mike Doyle, this is your chance to find out.

  • Howard Mortman pokes fun at the New York Times. Come on, this is funny.

  • TVNewser offers a rundown of Supreme Court decision coverage — who go there first, or even better, last?

  • Today’s cage match doesn’t even seem fair — Weekly Standard is whooping some National Review ass. Although there is still time for NRO ro launch a campaign. Spruiell?

  • AP’s Lynn Elber gets CNN’s Jack Cafferty’s (and Wolf Blitzer’s favorite) take on, well, Jack Cafferty: “I’m 63 years old, put four kids through college, survived two marriages, paid an awful lot of taxes and I figure I’m as qualified as the next person to take a look at the world around me and have some opinions on what I see,” he said. “They’re not always right but they’re always heartfelt and they’re always real.”

  • ABC News Radio will broadcast a one hour special one-hour interview, “Inside the Pentagon: A Conversation with Donald Rumsfeld,” over the July 4th holiday weekend. According to the release, in the June 27 interview with Fred Thompson, Rumsfeld will address the war on terrorism and “and the upcoming fifth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.”