Taking Out The Trash, 06.06.06

Yeah, yeah: 06.06.06, Devil’s Day, Mark of the Beast, yada yada yada. We say, Bah Humbug, Beelzebub.

  • A dispatch from today’s “Jack Anderson” hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

      The talk was heady stuff. Does the Bush administration have the right to prosecute journalists for possessing or publishing classified materials?

      Kevin Anderson, son of the famous muckracker Jack Anderson, forcefully told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he and the rest of the Anderson clan (9 kids all together) would fight every effort by the Justice Department to comb through their father’s papers for classified documents. “It’s nothing more than a fishing expedition,” he said.

  • Oh, it’s on: DCist and FreeRide statistically tied (as of this writing) in yesterday’s Poll Of The Day.

  • Former Postie Ron Kessler joins NewsMax.

  • Is the Newseum — gasp! — a waste of money?

  • No local wins in the Livingston Awards.

  • A LA Times interview with George Stephanopoulos begins with this ice breaker:

      Question: When you first started doing “This Week,” I didn’t think you were doing very well.