Taking Out The Trash, 02.13.07

  • Seems the snow will have no effect on D.C. journos. Thank goodness!

  • An ABC release announced that “Nightline” “continues to build its audience through expanding their presence on the web. For 2006, ‘Nightline’ online grew an impressive 140% compared to 2005 and over 12 million page views were downloaded—a phenomenal growth trend. Last month alone, over 1 million page views were downloaded,” making “Nightline” “one of the top generators of heavily trafficked content on ABCNews.com.”

  • Cousin GalleyCat has their own take on Maureen Dowd’s take on chick lit, but they also have some angry author’s reactions.

  • E&P reports that Sen. John McCain told CNN the Washington Post article is the “worst hit job that has ever been done in my entire political career.” (And the Post issued a correction today.)

  • TVNewser reports Chris Matthews was anchoring MSNBC’s live coverage of Barack Obama’s presidential announcement on location in Springfield this weekend.

  • Inside Cable News reports, “Starting Monday, MSNBC will begin Imus in the Morning at 5:30 am.” (Hat Tip: TVNewser)

  • Comcast SportsNet announced, “Rebecca O’Sullivan-Schulte as senior vice president and general manager of Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic. She begins her position on March 12.”

  • Ralph Hanson points out that while Arthur Sulzberger’s comments received a lot of buzz last week, it “is essentially the same thing that Sulzberger has been saying for the last eight years.”

  • Modern Arts Notes notes, “I’m not sure how this slipped past the ethics stewards at the Washington Post. Art critic Blake Gopnik’s wife has taught at the Corcoran College of Art and Design for some time. … So then why is Gopnik semi-profiling her boss by way of previewing the Corc’s big Modernism show without disclosing that?”

  • The AP reports that they agreed to a partnership with NowPublic.com “to let AP to use photographs, video and news from ‘citizen journalists’ in its newsgathering operation.
    NowPublic.com, a Vancouver, Canada-based startup, posts citizens’ images and news accounts on its Web site, along with links to mainstream news organizations.”

  • A reader writes regarding this, “Maybe it’s also for health reasons. I read a report not so long ago saying those bags release cancerous fumes or some other bad thing.”

  • President Bush tells C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, “You know, I’m wise enough not to bash the media.”

  • The Washington Post reports, “WARW (94.7 FM) is taking several steps to go green, the station manager says, steps that parent company CBS is touting to some of the chain’s 146 other stations nationwide. … WARW will pay a premium for electricity that Pepco guarantees is wind-generated, rather than produced by a coal-fired plant. The station plans to build a performance studio at its Silver Spring headquarters at least partly out of green material, such as recycled flooring.”

  • CJR Daily has the rundown of Deborah Howell’s Sunday column where she “took [William] Arkin and the Post’s Web site to the cleaners.”

  • Rob Curley answers Howard Owens’ questions about the new Washington Post feature OnBeing.