Taking a Fair Approach to the Modernist Building Debate


The Financial TimesEric Jansson has entered himself into the battle over modernism which his recent piece, “Modernism’s Leaky Roof,” wherein he brings up both Tom Wolfe‘s hatred of the architectural movement and the most recent, high profile modern-bashing, John Silber‘s Architecture of the Absurd. But instead of following suit, Jansson explores the problems history has had with the movement, but in the end, decides that problems have been fixed with the way plans are made, technologies have caught up with what those zany architects have dreamt up, and, in the very end, that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, even if it does mean your roof occasional might cave in. It’s one of the most balanced pieces we’ve read on the subject, without coming across really one-sided, which most of the modernism talk we’ve seen has been. So we give it the ol’ UnBeige thumbs up.