Take the women of op-ed, please!

In this week’s New York Observer, Sheelah Kolhatkar ponders the Estrichian question of where the women are on the op-ed pages…but all she has to do is look to the New York Times to see them right on top of the Most Emailed List!

Guest op-ed contributor Matt Miller is no woman (unlike the columnist he replaced, the book-left and very womanly Maureen Dowd), but that doesn’t mean he’s not pulling for the ladies in his MEL-topping effort from this week, locking in the number-one spot from yesterday’s column, “Listen to my wife” (and yes, he actually says “take my wife” in the piece), in which he agitates for an evolution in the workplace to accommodate the myriad talents of careerists-cum-child rearers. Aw. He thinks his wife is good.

Meanwhile, John Tierney’s offering from Tuesday has already shot up to the top of MEL 7 – an impressive feat for a recent article. The topic? “What Women Want.” Just like that swoony Mel Gibson, he finds his way into the hearts of women – and Times readers.

Meanwhile, the title of MoDo’s book? “Are Men Necessary?” Who knows, but clearly women are. See Estrich? Problem solved!

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Update: at Salon, Katharine Mieszkowski wraps it all up with a delightful feminine touch in today’s Wives of the Times.

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