Tagg Pet Tracker: GPS Collar Attachment. Verizon Service

Have you ever had that moment of panic when you realized your pet was missing? There are a variety of pet trackng products on the market. But, SnapTracs (a subsidiary of Qualcomm) hopes their Tagg Pet Tracker is a better solution for pet owners .

Locate and Track Your Pet Anytime with Tagg—The Pet Tracker

The lightweight device is suitable for cats and dogs over 10 lbs. The device is rugged and waterproof (pets can swim with it on). Its battery lasts up to 30 days. A kit that includes the hardware and one year of tracking service will be available in September for $199.99. Verizon Wireless provides the 3G network service (one year included with the price of the kit) to provide location data from the GPS. Additional trackers can be bought for people with multiple pets.

You can find the Tagg product page at:

Tagg – The Pet Tracker

Via PCMag: Pet GPS Debuts from Qualcomm Consumer Subsidiary

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