Taco Bell Loves Fun., Old People and Español

When we hear the words “Taco” and “Bell” together, our thoughts don’t turn to retirement homes, native Spanish speakers or the one-hit wonder band Fun..

But America’s biggest rice, corn and beans chain brings the three together in what may be the most amusing way possible for its first Super Bowl commercial.

We can safely say that Latinos and retirees are not Taco Bell’s two most important demographics, but this ad’s mood fits with Taco Bell’s new promo language as it celebrates its 50th anniversary with a brand update:

“Sometimes you just gotta go there…Burn up the night. Be the first to head out. And the last to turn in.”

The creative team at Deutsch LA, which put the ad together, explains that the restaurant’s new “Live Mas” tag repositions it as “an American brand with a Mexican twist” or “a Mexican restaurant for people who speak no Spanish”. Deutsch CEO Mike Sheldon also cleared up some mistaken beliefs about the all-important Millennial demographic, saying that “to appeal to them you simply need to entertain and engage them” rather than casting a bunch of 18-20-something models in your promo campaigns.

So what did we learn today? When it comes to having fun and living out loud, Texican food can be a great substitute for alcohol.

Also: Is it just us, or is “We Are Young” somehow less annoying in Spanish?