Tabloid Wars Wars: Telegenic Post Staffers Suffering From Pre-Wars Publicity Envy


Yesterday, Eat The Press reported that Bravo had originally eyed the New York Post for Tabloid Wars — its uber-hyped (at least in this town) upcoming documentary about the gossip sheet — but that Post editor Col Allan turned them down, forcing Bravo to chronicle the Daily News instead. Post staffers have since given to mocking the show — referring to their archenemy as the Daily Snooze with more frequency and fervor — as one would any rival.

But we hear some staffers were none-too-thrilled with Allan’s decision.

Notes an insider:

Not everyone at the Post agreed w/ Col’s decision not to do the show. Col comes across as a kind of crass, drunken, dishevelled bullfrog, but some of the more, ah, telegenic people at the paper (yes, there are a few) were miffed that they didn’t get a chance at the publicity the schlumps from the Daily Snooze are now getting. The Post was always the producers’ first choice — it has much better name recognition, it’s punchier, more iconic, and of course it’s got Page Six. The Snooze may be a better news gathering operation in some respects, may be higher quality in others, but really it’s pretty damned dull, confused about its purpose in life and suffering badly from Post-envy and the painful injustice of being the better-selling and better-earning but palpably second-string and socioculturally inferior paper.


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