Tablets and the Future of Mobile Advertising

The growing popularity of tablets is encouraging not just print publishing and television service providers to go mobile, but advertisers as well. According to Online Media Daily, a new study by The Yankee Group predicts that tablets, thanks to their larger screens and more engaging media experience, will account for 53% of mobile advertising dollars in 2014, compared to 47% for mobile handsets. That number is expected to grow to 60% by 2016.

Ads within mobile applications are already proving more successful on tablets than on smartphones. The study reportedly found that a quarter of tablet owners clicked on ads while using apps, and 29% purchased extra content. Additionally, on average, tablet owners buy 1.7 paid apps per month, while smartphone users buy 1.1.

And because watching video on tablets is rapidly increasing in popularity (with a reported two-thirds of users watching video at least once a week, compared to 48% just last year), there is a great deal of growth potential in that area as well. In this regard, Yankee Group principal analyst Jason Armitage, who authored the report, advises advertisers to use lessons learned from app and social media use to create campaigns geared specifically toward the tablet format, rather than just recycling TV ads.

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