Tablet Usage Has Doubled Among British Readers Since Last Year: Bowker

According to a new report from Bowker Market Research, tablet usage more than doubled its market share among British adult readers of eBooks between February 2011 and March 2012. But while tablet adoption is on the rise among these readers in Britain, only 12 percent of the population, report using these devices most often.

Instead, the Understanding the Digital Consumer project report found that these readers prefer to read on Kindle devices, and 40 percent of those surveyed said they use the Kindle most often.

eBook sales are also up among British adult readers. In fact, the number of British adults who have bought an eBook since February 2011 has increased almost three-fold. In addition, 31 percent of those readers said that they are likely to buy an eBook in the next six months.

Here is more from the press release: “Those under the age of 35 remain slightly more likely to have purchased an e-book, but growth in e-book consumption is being driven by older readers, particularly those aged 45-54. Just over a quarter of this group purchased an e-book in the six months to March 2012, up from 17 percent in November 2011.”