T-Mobile Parent Company Announced NFC Mobile Payment Systems

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a wireless technology intended for use over short distances that can communicate with a passive target (tags, sticker, cards, etc.) or peer-to-peer communication with another powered device for tasks such as ecommerce or obtaining information. The Samsung Nexus S with Android oS 2.3 is the first widely available phone in the U.S. to support this feature. Engadget reported that Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile USA’s parent company, announced it will launch NFC payment systems this year with a plan to complete deployment in 2012. This means that mobile users and participating retailers won’t have to scan on-screen barcodes when NFC enabled phone are used for payment. It also provides a simpler way to support e-coupons and loyalty programs.

Deutsche Telekom rolling out NFC payments with T-Mobile USA, other markets this year; NFC iPhone along for the ride?