T-Mobile $14.99/Month Android WiFi Tethering Plan Most Reasonable in the U.S.

BGR noted T-Mobile’s new low 3G data usage and tethering plans yeseterday.

T-Mobile officially launches 200MB data plan, tethering plan

But, wait! Take a closer look at T-Mobile’s announcement.

T-Mobile Kicks Off the Holidays With a Compelling Lineup of Affordable Android-Powered Smartphones and New Low-Cost Data Service Plans

The new plans are limited to Android smartphones. They do not apply to other smartphone platforms currently available. And, it remains to be seen if these plans will be available for Windows Phone 7 smartphones which will be available to T-Mobile customers starting next week.

The 200MB per month mobile data plan and Tethering/WiFi-sharing plan for Android phones begins on Wednesday, November 3. T-Mobile’s tethering plan is the most reasonably priced option I’ve seen at $14.99 per month on top of a $30 monthly plan for 3G data.