Symbian Foundation Gains More Support from MySpace

There’s a push to make the Symbian platform open and more available to all organizations, and the Symbian Foundation has been set up to make this initiative come to fruition. Today, the Symbian Foundation has announced a number of new supporters, including HP, Mobico and MySpace.

In gaining 12 new supporters, the open source mobile platform has a greater reach than Google Android in terms of the organizations that are behind Symbian. While this is good news for Symbian, there are still more hurdles to overcome, as Android continues to gain support, and Symbian has lost ground to other platforms such as Apple. Yet the growing support for mobile platforms like Symbian only reiterates the growing focus on mobile development.

So it’s not surprising to see so many mobile companies like Nokia jump on board, and the same goes for social networks like MySpace. The necessity for social networks to become well integrated and heavily supported on mobile devices is an important priority for all the large social networks. Especially when it comes to global growth, the increased access and usability that mobile access can provide is merely enhanced on a well-received mobile platform.

Though the Symbian Foundation hasn’t started operations yet, it’s traveling the world gaining support and new partners, an expects to begin operating sometime during the first half of 2009. Membership will cost $1,500 annually, and will consist of a royalty-free license from the non-profit Symbian Foundation. The intent is also to unify the Symbian platform, which is why so much support from various established organizations is necessary.

The industry leaders are really at the forefront of pushing the Symbian Foundation through, and making it an appealing and usable open source platform is central to Symbian’s adoption and success. To make this happen, the Symbian Foundation has increased its recruitment efforts and will be attending conferences such as the 2009 Mobile World Congres in Barcelona, Spain.