Swype vs. Tikinotes Alternative Screen Keyboards: Does Anyone with a Good Landscape Keyboard Care?

YouTube video courtesy of sbitikilabs

Alternative touch input schemes like Swype’s and Tikinotes are interesting for touch-only input-challenged platforms like Windows Mobile. I’m not sure its iPhone version makes a lot of sense though…

Tiki’Notes 2.0

…since it appears to be limited to its own note taking function (Apple doesn’t take kindly to apps that run as a background process to work with other apps). And, Apple’s standard landscape keyboard (available as of this past summer with the iPhone OS 3.0 update) removes a lot of the typing barriers presented by the vertical mode on-screen keyboard. I have to admit that even I’m becoming more fascile with the landscape on-screen keyboard. And, I’ve found I prefer the Droid’s on-screen landscape keyboard to its awful physical keyboard.

Swype, Inc.

Via GadgetVenue.com: Tiki’Labs Virtual Keyboard Takes on Swype