Morning Oopsy: WaPo Blog Fooled By Parody Site ‘News’ on Sarah Palin

WaPo‘s “She The People” blog has been duped. Arkansas-based author Suzi Parker authored a post on the blog this morning citing a report by the parody site The Daily Currant that says former Alaksa Gov. Sarah Palin will be joining Al Jazeera.

WaPo reports that Al Jazeera American made the announcement last week that Palin would be joining the network. Only… what other outlet has reported this? Exactly no one outside the parody site.

UPDATE: WaPo has now updated the post with a bolded correction at the top of the story. “CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported that Sarah Palin planned to contribute to the Al Jazeera America news network.” Wasn’t quite just “contribute” to the network, but they did the best they could with this disaster. Reports that Al Jazeera America had announced Palin’s hire at the network and subsequent graphs on quotes she never gave the parody site, The Daily Currant, are no longer in the item. Read the revised rewritten post here.

From Parker’s post

“As you all know, I’m not a big fan of newspapers, journalists, news anchors and the liberal media in general,” Palin told the Web site The Daily Currant. “But I met with the folks at Al-Jazeera and they told me they reach millions of devoutly religious people who don’t watch CBS or CNN. That tells me they don’t have a liberal bias. …

Bless her heart, is Palin trying her best to stay relevant while her 15 minutes fades into the political history books?

Bless Suzi Parker’s heart for giving The Daily Currant the legitimacy it wrongly deserves.

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