Susan Orlean’s Rift in The Socio-Economic Continuum


Washington Post writer Ann Hornaday adds a new word to the lexicon, “idolspize,” to encapsulate her violently mixed feelings toward New Yorker Susan Orlean. The grain of sand which yielded this pearl of a personal essay was Orlean’s perhaps-not-the-greatest idea to open her doors to The New York Times’ House & Home section last month, which exploded the myth that she was but a humble scrivener and revealed that she had married into serious money (in addition to her own). Timothy Noah was all over her for that then, but the fact that Hornaday has resurrected that story as the lead for her musings on frenemies and idolspizing demonstrates that the damage she has wrought on the self-image of hopelessly underpaid, social-climbing journos like myself has yet to be calculated.