Survey Shows Pitfalls & Perks of Desk Versus Non-Desk Jobs

helpHave you ever felt the grass was greener on the other side?

Let’s say you worked in editorial. Thanks to the recession, maybe you got what you yearned for — the opportunity to freelance full-time. Then in due time you started missing the structure of a day job so you ventured back into editorial.

Sound familiar? Each scenario has its perks and its pitfalls and according to a new survey published by CareerBuilder, workers in desk and non-desk jobs were equally likely to report being happy in their current roles. That said, desk job employees were more likely to report complaints about their own work environments.

Workers in day jobs mentioned their positions gave them the opportunity to stay in the loop with office happenings and they were able to build closer relationships with leaders and peers. As you can imagine, folks in non-desk jobs enjoyed having more flexibility to their days.

Regarding that flexibility, maybe freelancers are more mobile or more likely to go to the gym because 46 percent or workers in desk jobs revealed gaining weight in their current position. This is compared to 30 percent of workers in non-desk roles. And overall, 58 percent of workers in desk jobs viewed themselves of overweight compared to 51 percent of workers in non-desk gigs.

Perhaps the last most interesting finding from the survey points to paychecks. People in desk jobs revealed higher salaries and felt more content with their earnings. Employees were twice as likely to earn six figures compared to consultants working non-desk jobs. The latter group was more likely to earn less than $35,000.

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