Surprise! Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search & Search Apps for iPhone Are Both Good

Another Yahoo! app for the iPhone? How about two?

New Ways to Search with Yahoo! iPhone Apps

I was all set to be a “hater” and dismiss at least one and maybe both apps out of hand. As it is, I’m glad I took the time to download, install and try both apps.

Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search initially sounded like yet another “find stuff around me” app. And, that is a reasonably accurate description. But, the ability to simply and literally sketch an outline around an area of interest to find businesses is fun. And, the ability to sketch irregular shapes to leave out specific nearby areas can be quite useful when looking at specific areas (say a coast).

After discovering I like Sketch-a-Search, I figured the Yahoo! Search app would surely be a loser. After all, the iPhone ships with Google search built-in. Microsoft’s Bing is a decent competitor. And, doesn’t Bing power Yahoo!’s search these days? But, this “yet another search engine” turned out to be a nice surprise too. I liked the way Search categorized results. And, these categories changed depending on the kind of search terms used.

So, no “hating” going on here. Both apps are staying on my iPhone/iPod touch.

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