Supersize me: IMAX on the block?

Canada’s eye-poppingly large screen theater company IMAX is considering going to an even wider formar: It’s entertaining several competing offers from unnamed conglomerates as big as its screens.

IMAX has 250 theatres operating in 36 countries, half of which are in theaters showing “Back to the Cretaceous.” Of course, the other half are showing “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” to ADD addled tweeners, and that’s a business Hollywood can get behind. True, Imax will give your kids vertigo and probably blow out their ear drums. But it will also give your children a renewed sense of vigor when it comes to plaintive demands that you use a home equity line of credit to install a 60 inch plasma in the den – a boon to the consumer electronics business, too.

Imax’s stock is up 9% on the news, which dovetails with a robust quarterly earnings report: Net income for the fourth quarter climbed over 54% to a little over $12 million.