Super Texas Holdem Poker Tops This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Less than two weeks after launch, Turkish developer Soft Reklam’s Super Texas Holdem Poker tops our list of emerging Facebook games with over 739,000 monthly active users gained, according to our traffic tracking service, AppData. This growth was strong enough to earn it a spot on our fastest-growing games by MAU earlier this week.

Moving down the list, we see some familiar favorites like N.O.V.A. Elite and the unofficial Super Mario 3 app. We also see Kabam’s latest strategy-focused offering, Global Warfare, debuting at number seven.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Super Texas Holdem Poker 739,982 +604,203 +445%
2. Feevo 495,123 +170,762 +53%
3. Hero City 351,397 +153,356 +77%
4. Battle Pirates 545,226 +145,088 +36%
5. Super Mario 3 706,855 +135,208 +24%
6. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE 574,018 +135,018 +31%
7. Global Warfare 350,501 +133,423 +61%
8. 英雄遠征-開心農場 204,996 +119,815 +141%
9. Okey Plus 946,247 +118,159 +14%
10. 《夢想三國》臺灣,新馬,港澳全面開打,新服《諸葛亮》火爆開啟,戰火不斷蔓延! 281,699 +102,902 +58%
11. JEOPARDY! 241,323 +101,617 +73%
12. Enrique Iglesias, Play with it! 317,423 +96,970 +44%
13. 開心城市(中文版) 265,535 +85,882 +48%
14. AddictingGames 444,081 +80,818 +22%
15. Buddy Rush 501,540 +78,679 +19%
16. Hero 938,468 +73,655 +9%
17. CROWDPARK – Betting Game 577,020 +71,539 +14%
18. Farkle Pro 452,024 +71,070 +19%
19. Mynet Çanak 101 Okey 854,483 +57,431 +7%
20. Go Fishing 164,218 +55,812 +51%

Global Warfare is a science fiction themed strategy game where users build up a base and then explore the surrounding region for resources to mine. The resources contribute to a light crafting system where players construct advanced combat units to send into battles against other. Like Kabam’s other strategy games such as Dragons of Atlantis, Global Warfare eases players into gameplay by making them invisible to other players for seven days while the player advances through the tutorial and builds up their base.

An interesting appearance on this week’s list of emerging games is Crowdpark – Betting Game, which is essentially what it sounds like. Players place bids of virtual currency on the outcomes of real life events, like the outcome of a sporting event or an election. Players can also craft their own bets around personal events and invite friends to place wagers. The primary gameplay motivation seems to be bragging rights in the form of a rankings board and virtual trophy awards. It’s a very simple gameplay premise with a slick interface, making it a unique entry in this week’s list of emerging games.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.

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