Super Rewards Making it Easier for Game Developers to Hide Low Quality Offers

Virtual currency monetization company Super Rewards today is releasing new tools for casual game and MMO developers to remove low quality offers from appearing in their games. The idea is to make it easier for developers to optimize for longer time horizons than many game developers inside social networks like Facebook MySpace have chosen to do to date. Because the cost of user acquisition are so different, the former are more interested in longer term objectives.

“We’re allowing publishers to decide where they want to be on the spectrum – maximizing short term revenues, or going with safer offers from big brands with simple, clear, and well-disclosed user experiences,” CEO Jason Bailey told Inside Social Games. When you turn the dial all the way to the right, the initial revenue drop is about 50%, so you’re making less money today. However, that number goes up over time, and the long term value is ultimately higher than if they come in today, do a bunch of offers, but have some bad experiences.”

There has been increasing dialogue lately around the opportunities and challenges facing companies like Super Rewards and Offerpal that monetize through incentivized CPA offers. Jay Weintraub, creator of LeadsCon, posted lengthy thoughts on how current trends in the space are somewhat similar to years past. Offerpal responded with some lengthy thoughts of their own last week articulating the steps the company is taking to manage lead quality.

Ultimately, the marketplace will reach increasingly accurate valuations for these leads over time as more feedback makes its way back into the channel. For now, expect to see more new tools for publishers to manage the types and quality of leads they’re taking into the system to optimize for their particular revenue strategies.