Super Bowl Teams’ Fans Pick Favorite Brands

Baltimore likes BlackBerry, San Fran digs Calvin Klein

Social media data around the Super Bowl is becoming part of the big game fun—especially in the marketing world. So with that in mind, what can the brands "liked" on Facebook tell you about the fans of the 49ers and Ravens?

A few things you might have guessed, such as fans of the team from the no-nonsense East Coast city, Baltimore, liking BlackBerry more than iPhone. And fans of the pro football squad from cosmopolitan San Francisco are apparently smitten with Calvin Klein products. And there are a few things that may raise eyebrows, such as Niner fans showing Budweiser a lot of love on Facebook while Raven fans displaying an affinity for car brands Audi and Volkswagen.

SocialCode profiled fans of both teams to unearth what Super Bowl advertisers those consumers had "liked" on Facebook. And the tech firm utilized its Community Optimization platform to produce the results seen below.