The Super Bowl & Social Media

The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday’s Super Bowl. The experience is a dream social-media scenario.

nfl-tweetsThe Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Whether you are a fan of the game, commercials, food or offshoots (Puppy Bowl, anyone?), the experience is a dream social-media scenario. Fans plus engagement equals happy brands. It also makes for happy consumers.

Are you monitoring Super Bowl social media for enjoyment? Or research? It is not just fun, it is great engagement and content inspiration for sports-related companies and brands.

Here are the best social apps and sites to enhance your Super Bowl experience.

The Ads

1. Adweek. “For me, Super Bowl is all about the ads,” said Priscilla Vento, founder and CEO of 30 Miles North. “This year it seems like brands are releasing trailers of Super Bowls spots or even the full length ad earlier than ever… seems to be doing a great job of getting their hands on these highly produced spots early from ad agency and brands. [This] is great if you’re looking for fresh content for your personal or business social media accounts.”

2. Hulu AdZone. “The Super Bowl is the most watched and talked about television event of the year,” said Jim O’Donnell, VP of advertising sales at Hulu. “Fans don’t just talk about the game, they talk about the commercials, and Hulu’s AdZone brings viewers the ultimate Super Bowl advertising experience. Fans can watch their favorite commercials from past Super Bowls, as well as watch, share and vote for this year’s favorites in real time on the big day, across all devices.”

The Game

3. Twitter. “People are so incredibly witty during the game that Twitter has become the only thing I use,” said sports writer Jayme Lamm of The Blonde Side. “I’m extremely tapped into sports and especially huge games like this — no matter how social media savvy I am, the game and Twitter (along with following some hilarious people) are all I need. Last year, when the power went out, Twitter was my saving grace.”

Grayson De Ritis of De Ritis Media added, “Investigating trending hashtags to read real-time reactions to plays, players and let’s not forget… the commercials, is a convenient level of interactivity for me during any big game, especially the granddaddy of them all.”

4. Instagram. “Instagram is going to be huge for companies who actually utilize it,” said Katie Herum, VP of social media marketing at The Marketing Zen Group. “Its new direct messaging tool is going to make giveaways and contests a lot easier. Besides, everything is visual now. People are going to be posting pictures of their Super Bowl parties and then uploading to Twitter, Facebook and even Tumblr from there.”

5. Sprout Social. “This one platform allows me to set up smart searches on Twitter and Facebook for specific keywords, competitive analysis and hashtag monitoring,” said Kyle Willis, CEO of social media and design agency No to the Quo. “I am also able to schedule my posts for every social network I want to have a presence on, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I am able to track engagement and insights for every post I make too. [Sprout Social] will let me plan out content for during the day, as well as monitor what’s trending during the game. It will allow me to check on what my competitors are doing, and have a strategy to reach my audience at the exact moment something happens during the big game. Plus, because it is an all-in-one-platform, I save a lot of time not having to jump between tools that aren’t as comprehensive.”

6. Shazam. “I will have my Shazam app handy,” said Kevin Janosz, COO of the marketing agency Ritta, “since many commercials will be ‘shazamable’ to access additional content on my phone.”

The Super Bowl Party

7. Woobox. “One app to consider to promote your Super Bowl party, and make it interactive as well, is called Woobox,” said David Bakke, social media expert at Money Crashers. “You can use it to run a contest where your attendees predict the winner of the game and final score. Also, you can conduct a poll to see who will win the Super Bowl MVP and create tabs for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. That way, your guests can post comments and photos before, during and after the game.”

On Super Bowl Sunday sit back, relax and enjoy the game. Just make sure your devices are charged and ready to go!