Sundown on Sunset

This has been a doozy of a week, starting with 9/11 and ending with LG15. After eating TJ’s raw spinach and coming to grips with the fact that the Jewish holidays begin next week — and not the week after, as we had thought, the FBLA gals are ready for the weekend.

But you kids aren’t. At least not until you’ve had your weekly roundup. So here it is.

WGA Writers to March in Support of ANTM Scribes: A Unity March is planned at 9 a.m. on Sept. 20 at Pan Pacific Park next to The Grove. By that time, the strike will have been going on for 9 weeks, making it almost long enough to qualify as its own reality show.

This sentence (including the weird punctuation) is from a WGA press release:

“Separately, we are writers, editors, producers. Together, we are the Storytellers of Reality Television. WE are the storytellers of Reality Television! It doesn’t exist without us.”

Hmm. It wouldn’t exist without them, huh? What a nice thought. Well, we still support the writers anyway.

Playmate Mantis Still a Mystery: We’re still totally confused as what happened in that hospital room in the Bahamas, and it’s getting to the point that we don’t think we want to know.

Mo’Better Blogs: A dizzyingly pedigreed crew of reporters and actors (yeah, we thought that was weird, too) have taken to the blogosphere with actionteam1, a new blog that’s damn worth the read.