Sundown on Sunset

hellgrove2.jpg It’s Sundown on Hanukkah. It’s Sundown on the last week before Christmas. And, once again, it’s Sundown on Sunset. Here is a roundup of stuff you may have missed, but really shouldn’t have.

The Internet beat newspapers in recruitment ad revenue — a first for the Web, and likely not the last time this will happen.

The City Atty.’s office gives Kevin Roderick a gem for Christmas.

Mike from Franklin Ave. will be playing non-gouge-your-eyes-out Christmas tunes this weekend on the locally produced Hawaiian Eye.

And, in keeping with our before-the-holiday giddiness: They done caught a Giant Squid!!

Good night, y’all. And all the best.

*Sundown on Sunset image provided by (well, ripped off from) LosAnjealous’s hysterical commentary on parking at The Grove. Happy shopping, kids!